the reception

meet the wedding party

Maid of Honor, Michelle Perry and Groomsman, Chris Perry

Michelle and I met when I was 16 and had just moved from Toledo, OH to Cincinnati, OH. My mom helped me to get involved with the Color Guard at the high school. Practice started a month or so before school started, so the first people I met where in Guard. Michelle was a Co-Captain who yelled at me one of the first practices for forgetting something or other. I had to run some laps for punishment. I immediately hated her.

Towards the end of summer, the Color Guard and Band always make a trip to Wright State University for band camp. (Yeah yeah... enough of the jokes) Michelle and I ended up next to each other in all of our formations on the field. Long, grueling hours under the sun lead to a friendship. As we got talking, we learned that I happened to live 3 doors down from her boyfriend, Chris Perry (also in the band as a trumpet player). It was at that moment that Michelle decided that we had to be friends so that, "you won't steal my boyfriend."

And so it was meant to be. Michelle is now my best friend and is married to the same boy who lived 3 doors down from me (and notice... I didn't steal him.)


Best Man Ryan Bartholic, and Bridesmaid Heather Bartholic

Ryan and I met in elementary school in Hilliard, OH. We were both into computers and video games so it's no wonder we became friends. We lived in the same neighborhood and went to Britton Elementary, 6th Grade Station, Weaver Middle School and Hilliard Davidson High School together. We excelled at playing Quake in high school during our computer programming classes once I gave him the programming solutions so we both could have free time.

We ended up working for Best Buy and HH Gregg together. He was the one that introduced Erika and I when I worked at HH Gregg in Sawmill, and her at HH Gregg on West Broad St.

He also helped me get a job with our current employer, Data Memory Marketing, where I design and program their sales websites and he is now the Sales Manager of the company. This is where Heather and Ryan actually first met. They started dating and then they eventually got married!

It's an honor for us to have them in our wedding.


Bridesmaid and Sister of the Groom, Emily Toomey

Emily is my most favorite sister. Sure we had the usual childhood fights together, but I won't hold that against her. That and her being my only sister.

Emily is 4.5 years younger than me and makes a mean iced cake. She works in the bakery at Giant Eagle and Erika and I both love it when our birthdays come around because Emily always has some sort of her own cake concoction for us.

As of writing this she is in her last trimester at Franklin University getting her Cake Decorating Human Resources Management degree, along with another one that I forget because I am a bad brother. By the time of the wedding she will have graduated, so she will definitely enjoy the trip to OBX.


Groomsman and Brother of the Bride, Jonathon Eamoe

I met Jonathon on January 18th, 1989. I was in kindergarten and I specifically remember being so excited that day at school. At noon that day I was sitting at the lunch table and told my teacher that my brother was being born right then (he was scheduled to be born by a C-section). My grandfather picked me up from school that day and took me to the hospital so I could see my new baby brother. Turns out he wasn't much fun and just laid there.

Years later I had tons of fun tormenting my brother by putting his hair in pig tails and other things little boys should not do. He tormented me by following me EVERYWHERE and stealing my Barbies in order to dismantle and hide them below his bed. Ah what fond memories...

Now Jon is all grown up, a Junior in College at the University of Cincinnati, and is my groomsman! *tear*